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About us

Hey there!

I’m Jérémy, a 26 years old guy, born and raised in Normandy.

I made this website because I love my region, and I want YOU to discover it, in its whole beauty. Because you won’t find anything very interesting in regular touristic guides or whatever.

Normandy is, according to many French people, one of the most beautiful district in France. The thing is, you must know the places to go, otherwise you’ll just end up in some boring area, which does not worth the trip from wherever you may come.

So, as you can see, I’m not a native english speaker. That’s why there is basically one mistake per sentence here. I could be sorry for that, but I’m not. Because you don’t care,  do you?

What you want is me to show you where to go, how to find the best spots, how to avoid scams, how to find great deals, and so on. And that’s your lucky day, because this is exactly what I’ve been doing over the past few months.

I found it all for you. Download your free Normandy guide right here, right now.

Yep, you’re not dreaming! Some touristic guides would sell something with less informations for 20$.

I’m telling you: this is the best guide you’ll ever find on the web about Normandy. It’s 100% free. Download it now!



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