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Why you should visit Normandy during wintertime :

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moi-siouvilleHi guys, it’s been a while!

When you think of wintertime vacation, you obviously dont have France in mind. Or at least, not north of France. You may consider Nice ou Marseille (if you want to get stabbed once or twice a day, that’s an option, indeed), but if I was you, I would definitely think of going to Normandy.

Can’t you guess why?

Ok, I’ll help you here.

First, Normandy is incredibly warm during wintertime. Yep : today, 1st of march, it +11 degrees! No kidding! That’s a bit more than what we’re used to, but it is still warm.

When I was a child, I saw the snow something like twice in my whole childhood. And by childhood I mean from birth ’til now!

So if you’re looking for a not-so-cold place to stay during this winter, Normandy is a good option. Even if it might rain a bit, I admit.

The other reason is for the Marais de Carentan. I haven’t talk about it yet. It’s an area located 40km south to Cherbourg. You pass nearby when in the train from Caen to Cherbourg.

During wintertime, it’s wonderful. The land turns to swamp. Trees, grass and fields are slowly eated by water. The light of the end of the day, when the sen sets over the lands, it’s just fantastic.


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